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Re: Linux Drivers..

There is a FreeBSD Aureal driver that uses the object only core that
Aural let out, so I'm pretty sure the same could be done for OpenBSD.
I'm interested in that as well, as I have a Dell that uses that sound chip.

I've been using the Ranish partition manager for a little NAT box I've been
building.  Normally booting OpenBSD, but it can boot Windows 95 so
when I get a DSL line it'll look like a little stupid standalone Windows
box. ;-)  You can get to it at come.to/ranish.

STeve Andre'

At 04:28 PM 10/28/00 -0500, seanc wrote:
There is a linux driver (loadable module) for my Aureal soundcard.
Is it possible to use the linux emulation (abi?) base to use it?

As well can anyone suggest a good boot loader for dual-booting win98 and
obsd? (i know lilo is an option but lilo is a pain in the but)

Sean Cody (seanc_(_at_)_pangea_(_dot_)_ca)
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