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Re: Netscape java fonts

Den 27 Oct 2000, klockan 20:28
skrev Morten Liebach om (Re: Netscape java fonts):

> On 27, Oct, 2000 at 09:34:43AM -0700, Jeremy A. Mates wrote:
> Funny.
> Just as I get the same problem Steve Mynott posts about it here ...
> But setting $MOZILLA_HOME='/usr/local/netscape' doesn't do the trick,
> where's stuff like this documented?
> I can't find anything on netscape.com (or, I can, but it turns out to be
> dead links ...).

Get font.properties and put it in /usr/local/netscape/java/classes

# @(#)font.properties	1.5 97/11/25
#  Copyright (c) 1994-1996 by Sun Microsystems Inc
# AWT Font default Properties for Linux
# Altered from the Solaris JDK version by Steve Byrne (sbb_(_at_)_gnu_(_dot_)_org)