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Squid with remote Auth (Novell NDS)

Imagine that you have a Netware enviroment... a lot of users (using 
dhcp of course)

How do you implement a _good_ firewall+proxy service?

If you choose to use ipf (for packet filtering) and squid 
(application level proxy) you need to autenticate the user to 
validate if he can access internet or not! (yes, a ACL)

with IPF you can only use IP address to identify users... but with 
squid how could I deny or allow the users to access Internet?

If I choose to use Novell Border Manager as proxy/firewall it will 
validate the user using the NDS (Novell Directory Services) that´s 
great! so the _user_ has access to Internet _not_ the machine!!!

Can I do the same with squid? (sure, using remote autentication!)
But how? Which is the name of the "module" that makes a communication 
between squid and NDS ???


Fabricio Lima
TV Bahia

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