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Suggestions for buffer space problems?

I have serveral OpenBSD 2.7 machines exibiting problems where the
networking ceases to work and if you attach a terminal to the machine
and ping you'll get out of buffer space errors. I've tried various
things to alleviate this problem.

I've increased all these numerous times to see what sort of effect it
would have on the problems, they are currently...


and sysctl stuff is set at...


This machine is a PIII 500 with 512MB of RAM, the only thing
perhaps odd is that it has no swap and is running of a solid state
disk. The machine in question provides lightly used VPN links to four
other remote systems. It does firewall and NAT service for about
100-150 machines over a T1.

When the machine acts up vmstat -m and netstat -m look ok, well to
the best of my knowledge; no requests for memory denied or delayed.

I've tried dropping the vpn links and disabling fw etc to try to "free"
up memory when this happens to see if one of those was the offender
but I can not relieve the problem without a reboot.

If someone can give me some pointers on mistakes I may have made, how
I might determine the problem and what is holding all the memory,
or any extra information I can provide please let me know.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Graham Gillies  <graham_(_at_)_bit-rot_(_dot_)_net>

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