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2.7 install, can't mount scsi partitions

hi, i'm trying to install 2.7 on an x86 with a adaptec 7890 series scsi
controller and a seagate 9GB disk.  i boot from the floppy, and get
started.  when it asks me if i want to use the whole disk for openbsd, i
tell it yes, so it does the fdisk thing for me.  i go into disklabel, add
these partitions: /, <swap>, /usr, /var, and /home.  i get the space
allocated and label them, then hit 'q' to save and exit.  asks me if i
want to initialize anither disk, i say no.  asks me if i am sure i want to
format the partitions, i say yes, and i get this:

|Creating filesystems....
|With a block size if 32768 minimum bytes per inode is 5990.
|Minimum bytes per inode is 5990.
|With 16065 sectors per cylinder minimum cylinders per group is 64.
|This requires the block size to be changed from 8192 to 32768 and the
|	fragment size to be changed from 1024 to 4096.

this is repeated for each partition i made with disklabel.  ok.  dont know
what this means, but it lets me go through the network install and that
all works fine.  then i get to the point where it asks me if i want to
drop to the shell.  i say no, then i get:

|/dev/sd0a on /mnt type ffs (rw,asynchronous, local)
|mkdir: /mnt/usr: invalid argument.
|mount_ffs: /dev/sd0d on /mnt/usr: specified devices does not match
|	mounted device.

so, i cant tell what the problem is.  can someone help?  i've been
following the installation doc.  at first i thought maybe my boot disk
might have been corrupt, but this is the second disk i made from separate
images, and i get the same results.  hope someone can help.


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