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I've got a network at home I'm playing a little with. I've got a couple
of workstations,
two servers and a 'surfbox'. Currently is there only one net 192.168.0
which all the
mashines are on but I want to try to make a subnet 192.168.1 for the
workstations and
have the openBSD server as a dhcp/firewall/gateway to 192.168.0. There
are two
network interfaces in the server, gave them the ip's and
And here am I stuck. I haven't got a clue on how to route the calls to to and on to (the surfbox). I tried playing a bit
with 'route';
route add -host
after that could I ping 0.20 from the 192.168.1 net but not anything
else on the 192.168.0

Can anyone give some hints/littrature tips/manpages that can help me
move on?


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