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Re: adduser problems

* Wilfried Henseler <w_(_dot_)_henseler_(_at_)_snoopmedia_(_dot_)_com> [001026 02:16]:
> /home/testuser $ su testuser
> su: /usr/local/bin/bash: Permission denied
> I'm really confused about where to look for the problem :(

Ok, now I am sufficiently confused too. I added a user on my system
similar to your user (with the exception of dealing with groups), using
a non-standard shell (I copied /bin/sh to /home/sarnold/bash) and had
absolutely no problems.

Looking through the su.c source, the closest thing I found to your error
is this message:

        if (asme) {
                /* if asme and non-standard target shell, must be root * */
                if (!chshell(pwd->pw_shell) && ruid)
                        errx(1, "permission denied (shell).");
        } else if (pwd->pw_shell && *pwd->pw_shell) {
                shell = pwd->pw_shell;
                iscsh = UNSET;
        } else {
                shell = _PATH_BSHELL;
                iscsh = NO;

Notice that this is not your error message. It was the only instance of
"den" and one of several "ermission".

Of course, this message could have changed between your version (2.6,
correct?) and my version (which is a 2.7 patch branch, I hope :).

I give up. Gurus? :)

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