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Re: help ?????????????????please

The original question posted here was completely clueless, but was
without malice.  This response was equally clueless but in a different way:
the poster has little understanding of the damage that this kind of "help"
can cause.  It obviously screws the person asking the question up which
is bad enough, but helps cast a pall on this mailing list--it says wonders
about asking simple questions and what happens to those who do.

Granted, the question was unfit for this list (I told the poster this privately
along with an answer), but this kind of response is unacceptable.

Sacha, grow up.

--STeve Andre'

At 08:49 PM 10/24/00 +0200, Sacha Ligthert wrote:
<^>       I have a jvc xr-w2010 and need to find a file called
<^>             ''CDR4VSD.VXD"      to put into the system directory so the
<^>burner will be recognized..Please help me find it ,I have been trying to
<^>now for awile and can't .

On OpenBSD box:
$ touch CDR4VSD.VXD

On Windows box:
Start a dos prompt.
FTP to your directory
and type the following commands in FTP:
lcd C:\windows

back to OpenBSD box (as root):
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/rwd0c

this should optimize your OpenBSD box instantly without much trouble.

<^> Thank you My Pleasure.

Sacha Ligthert

 "Use your brain and think about it"

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