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Re: NAT over one ethernet card

On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 08:17:33PM -0700, Seth Arnold wrote:
> > NAT works great for most everything...except connecting to the OpenBSD
> > machine itself.  I can ping and it serves DNS queries just
> > fine, but I can't connect via http or ssh...they just time out.  At
> > least, if I try to connect to the internal IP address.  If I connect
> > to the external IP address it works just fine.
> Take a look at /var/www/httpd.conf 's Listen directive.... see if ssh
> needs something similar. :)

Nope...even if I explicitly tell apache and ssh to bind to all
addresses (which they should do by default, I'd think) it still
doesn't work.  Even if I tell them to bind to only it
doesn't work.