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Re: Raod Runner Cablemodem setup

Thats exactly the policy I'm hoping to see, everywhere.  Thats only fair, it
seems to me.  But the idiot roadrunner sight is useless, as is Ameritech's.
Thanks for the data...  STeve Andre'

At 11:49 AM 10/21/00 -0700, Jeff Wyman wrote:
Well, at least in the case of @Home, they say that it is available for
any OS that provides a TCP/IP stack, but only Windows and MacOS are
officially supported. There's no reason that they should deny you their
services if you offer to configure the software yourself.

Once again, I'm not sure about RoadRunner. I can't dig around their site
for this info currently.

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, STeve Andre' wrote:

> Well sure--given that my cable company is actively recruting anyone with any
> kind of electronics experience AT ALL for installation jobs, I don't expect
> them
> to have any familiarity with anything other than Windows.
> My concern here is that some nitwit in the company will say "no" if they hear
> it's a non-Windows/Mac install.
> STeve Andre'
> At 11:37 AM 10/21/00 -0700, Jeff Wyman wrote:
> >Well of course. Their techs are only versed in Windows and MacOS (and very
> >lightly at both), so they couldn't possibly expect them to install on
> >OpenBSD or some other OS that would in their view is "too small to
> >support." Typically, you can have the techs install the necessary
> >hardware, request a "customer setup" or something like that, and have them
> >give you the required settings for your modem. I did this with @Home, and
> >the technician was perfectly happy to only have to do half of her job and
> >be on her way :)
> >
> >Hopefully the same goes for RoadRunner and their techs.
> >
> >On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, STeve Andre' wrote:
> >
> > > Looking at the RR advertising blurb the other day, it seemed as if the
> > > world was
> > > only Windows or Mac according to them. Do you have to lie and say
> > you'll be
> > > running a Windows machine to get the service? Do you have to hide the fact
> > > that you might want to run NAT? Is stealth the best concept here? ;-)
> > >
> > > Thanks, STeve Andre'

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