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ntpd issues

I am runing ntpd on my gateway/firewall/NAT OpenBSD box, and using it as
the time source for all the internal machiines. 

Unfortunately sometimes it just stops working :-(

I find /var/log/ntp.log fairly regular aoccurences of loss of synch,
followed by restablishing synch about 5 minutes or so later (to the master
source). I am on a cablemodem, and I suspect that these are due to
connectivity problems, or perhaps system/network loading on my end.

In any case it appears that sometimes these periods are long enough that
synch jst never gets resatblshed. I still find ntpd runing at those times,
but to restablish synch, I have to kill it an restart it.

I can't seem to find a man page for ntpd, so I was wondering if anyone
could sugest any tuning knobs I could tweak to make this situation better?

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