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Re: OpenBSD/Errata/BUGTraq et al.

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Tor Roberts wrote:
> Brian,
> That is funny. When was the last time a software or hardware vendor fixed
> a big within a time frame demanded by some "executive" customer? This does
> not happen in the real world. It sure has not worked for me, or my
> "executive" boss.

	Actually, a couple of my vendors are doing it.  But that's because
I work for a really big fscking company (180k employees), and they're tiny
dotcoms who're trying to get us to buy in on their software.  We haven't,
but they've been really responsive to our needs.  Of course, that may
change when the contract's signed... 8-)
	Compared with the IBM/Tivoli folks, jeesus... the way they treated
us... bleh.