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Re: OpenBSD/Errata/BUGTraq et al.

Amanda, Art didn't say he didn't want to have lots of users.  He said that
OpenBSD's aim wasn't to have as many as possible, which is distinctly
different from not wanting them.

For me, this is the really wonderful difference Between OpenBSD and most
(if not all) of the commercial world.  The OpenBSD team is beholden to no
set of investors, stockholders, horn-haired boss's or other silly impediments
to progress.   They produce software out of the sheer love of it, for their own
needs and other various individual reasons, but commercial gain and "market
share" aren't among them.

Note however because of the BSD license, that some group could get
together, and do the support you talk of.  It's happened on other OS's, and
perhaps it will happen for OpenBSD as well someday.

After having just listened to a friend talk of an infuriating phone /. email
session with MS over a probable bug in Excel, I am only too glad to see a
working model of an entity that is true to its ideals, and reacts quickly to

--STeve Andre'

At 07:28 PM 10/17/00 +0000, amanda wrote:
How many hours would it take you to compile talkd, ftpd, chpass and xlock
for OpenBSD 2.[5-7] (and whatever else that's known to be exploitable)?
I'm sure that lots of people would pay for such a service. I sure would.

I know that I am in no position to demand anything. That's the difference
between commit access and no commit access. Some are users and some are
developers. I am a user (of OpenBSD). I use OpenBSD on 12 machines and I
buy 12 CD's every six months even though I already have homebuilt
customized CD's several weeks before the official CD gets here. I'd
rather give that money directly to developers instead of wasting most of
it on the distribution channel.

It's really sad that you don't aim to have many users, because there are
millions of users who would benefit from using OpenBSD, if somebody just
would sell it to them and support them.


On 17 Oct 2000, Artur Grabowski wrote:
> - ask (and it's all about how you ask) someone to do it for you. (you can
> pay me for one day/week, let's say 1kSEK/hour and I'll do it and the rest
> of the time I'll do other OpenBSD hacking).
> - change to some other OS that does solve your problem.
> You are not in position to demand anything. And threats of the type "I will
> start using Foo if you don't do what I want." will never work because our aim
> is not to have as many users as possible. I would rather avoid users who
> say things like that because it's annoying and wastes my time.