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Re: SV: OpenBSD/Errata/BUGTraq et al.

Older Portmasters work well for this. Just wire it up on the LAN, 
hook up some serial cables, and attach yourself to each port and
now you have an instant console server :)

George Dodd
gdd (at) siliconinc.net

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 05:18:34PM +0200, Anders B Jansson wrote:
> Well, any form of remote console stuff would do it.
> Why not the cheapest pc you can find, with ethernet a couple of serial ports.
> Let the console box run sshd and use it for console access.
> That box doesn't need any upgrades (unless of course there's a remote flaw
> in kernel, sshd or your selected comms software, which sounds quite unlikely).
> Unless you've got one server per location of course ...
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> > When 
> > will there be a cheap PCI card with onboard ethernet, sshd and an emulated
> > serial port for remote console access? (cf. HP-UX LAN Console)
> >  
> > Amanda.