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Re: easy remote upgrade from 2.6, or 2.7, to 2.8

You forgot to mention grabbing bsd as well as the *28.tgz files. Otherwise, this
looks about what I've done in the past. So far it's always worked for me.

At 09:54 AM 10/17/00 -0700, Chris Cappuccio wrote:
On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 amanda_(_at_)_wineasy_(_dot_)_se wrote:

 | Perhaps we could take a poll. How many users want stuff like IPv6 and VLAN
 | in their kernel, and how many want to do remote upgrades?

I haven't had any problems upgrading my 2.6 systems to the latest snapshots,
remotely even...

copy all of the *28.tgz files to /tmp, including X if you want it

cd /tmp
tar xzf etc28.tgz
rm etc28.tgz

This is so you don't clobber /etc

cd /
for i in `ls /tmp/*gz`; do
tar xzpf $i

Ta-da...Your system is mostly upgraded...

Now move /bsd to /obsd

Move the bsd kernel to /bsd

cd /tmp/etc

Take note of /etc/rc.conf

cp netstart rc.conf security rc rc.securelevel login.conf services ssh*config /etc

Edit /etc/rc.conf to reflect similar settings to your old rc.conf

If you have anything in /etc/aliases, move it to /etc/hostname.XX
on lines after the first one, with stuff line inet alias x.y.1.2 255.255.x.x

Edit /etc/master.passwd with vipw, and in between 0:0::0:0 on root's password
line, make it 0:0:daemon:0:0....For yourself and other administrators, your
lines should be 0:0:staff:0:0....This gives you unlimited process
limits...Everyone else is subject to other limits in /etc/login.conf


See 2.8 fly

Upgrading is not 'supported' but is damn easy to do this way