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Re: your mail

This is probably a FAQ but I'm wearing my flame-proof suit just in case
Theo is reading. :-)
Why is there a non-working /dev/random in OpenBSD? Is anybody trying to
fix it? Like sampling line-in/mic from a soundcard, or whatever.
On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Chris Cappuccio wrote:
> The bind9 port under OpenBSD corrects this by setting it to /dev/srandom
>  |
>  | ** On FreeBSD systems, the server logs error messages like "fcntl
>  | ** (8, F_SETFL, 4): Inappropriate ioctl for device". This is due
>  | ** to a bug in the FreeSBD /dev/random device. The bug has been
>  | ** reported to the FreeBSD maintainers. A similar problem is
>  | ** reported to exist on OpenBSD.

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