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Re: tun0 share by the user in LAN ?

Make sure you've enabled ipnat and ipfilter.

in /etc/sysctl.conf uncomment this line:


you will also need to enable portmapping and you do this by modifying the /etc/ipnat.rules file.

Also make sure that your OBSD box is set up as your network's gateway and you should be OK.

You are probably going to want to set up some filters in your ppp.conf file, otherwise your modem might be dialing constantly (like mine did/does :)

You can get more details by reading the relevant man pages (man ppp, man ipnat, man ipf(5) and man ipf(8). Also, if you are configuring your OpenBSD box as a firewall, I also suggest getting 'Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls' from Wiley press. Not a bad book.

Hope this helps you out


At 11:00 PM 12/10/2000 +0800, Chan Yiu Wah wrote:

I recently setup the userland ppp successfully. However, I had problem to
share it to the user in the LAN.  When I ifconfig -a,  the tun0 is shown

tuno: flags=11<UP,POINTOPOINT> mtu 1500
        inet ---> netmask 0xffffff00

All the machines in the LAN are Win98. I am sure the connection between
the Win98 and OpenBSD 2.7 server isok as samba is setup correctl and the
Win98 machine can map the networkdrive as local drive.  Can anyone share
your experience with me.  Thanks.