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HXD in OpenBSD


Hotline compil. and running in OpenBSD.

This software connect. and interfaces with Macintosh, Linux and W$

The links:

          http://hx.fortyoz.org  (hxd-0.1.26.tar.gz a UNIX Hotline clone)

          http://www.bigredh.com (Macintosh and W$)

The software from bigredh:

"  Hotline Connect enables you to easily create a personal interactive
Internet community on your own terms. Interact live with real time chat,
conferencing, messaging, data warehousing, file transfer and streaming
capabilities all on your personal computer using Hotline Connect

The GUI:

      ghx (KDE and others X)

Comments, bugs, ... security ???? Please let me know...


Rui Bento

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