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Re: install messages/errors

I managed to get obsd installed by underclocking my mobo and sitting thru
all the error messages.  They still occur frequently, and occasionally
hang the console forcing reboot.

I have noticed some advice re pciide at:


12.1 - Forcing DMA access for IDE disks
With the PCI IDE code, your chipset may not be known. If so, you will get
a message like: 

pciide0: DMA, (unused)

If you get this message, you can try and force DMA mode by using 'flags
0x0001' on your pciide entry in your kernel config file. That would look
something like this: 
pciide* at pci ? dev ? function ? flags 0x0001

basically, I would like to try to turn -off- dma, cos I think that is what
is causing the probs.

I have tried to use config to do this, but am unsure how to proceed.  
Do I need to have sources, or can I build a config file with just the
required line?

using ukc and change seems hard as I do not have the 'flags' option.

::Try to disable UDMA modes:
::boot -c from boot prompt.
::ukc> change wd
:: 12 wd* at wdc0|wdc1|wdc*|pciide* channel -1 drive -1 flags 0x0
::change [n] y
::channel [-1] ? 
::drive [-1] ? 
::flags [0] ? 0x0f00           
:: 12 wd* changed
:: 12 wd* at wdc0|wdc1|wdc*|pciide* channel -1 drive -1 flags 0xf00

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