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i have an Apache 1.3.12 compiled from the scratch (not from the ports -
need lots of modules and don't want DSOs) and having an cgi ind perl which
opens an pipe as file as follows:

open IF, "someprogram someparams |";

this results in the following error (and no output from the cgi):

[Fri Oct 13 18:32:53 2000] [warn] send body: filedescriptor (342) larger
than FD_SETSIZE (256) found, you probably need to rebuild Apache with a

could anybody explain what this exactly means?? i cannot find any defintion
of FD_SETSIZE ind apache/include/*.h, there are two related settings
(FD_CHECK_SETSIZE in ap_config.h and HIGH_ + LOW_SLACK_LINE in httpd.h).
FD_SETSIZE declared by the OS?
what do i have to change to get this working???

thx a lot

Henning Brauer
Hostmaster BSWS

Henning Brauer      | Hostmaster BSWS
BS Web Services     | www.bsws.de
Roedingsmarkt 14    | hostmaster_(_at_)_bsws_(_dot_)_de
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