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Re: sendmail relaying denied


thanks very much, i think i could solve the problem:

the machine also serves as my local router which does the ppp connection to
my "provider". The problem was, that in the boot process, sendmail was started 
before the ppp link came up, so, default gateway and dns was not there at that 
time an somehow sendmail semms to require that for properly startup.



> On Thu, Oct 12, 2000, cba2_(_at_)_gouda_(_dot_)_netcity_(_dot_)_de wrote:
> > 550 5.7.1 <user_(_at_)_machine_(_dot_)_domain_(_dot_)_de>... Relaying denied
> > 
> > Is there anything else I have to change except /etc/rc.conf to get sendmail
> > work after reboot? I'm using 2.7 release. 
> This is listed in the TOP 5 of the sendmail FAQ.
> http://www.sendmail.org/faq/
> See also
> http://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/relayingdenied.html
> If machine.domain.de is your hostname, then it seems you have a
> problem at startup, i.e., the name isn't set correctly.  Check the
> logfile, probably sendmail complains.
> You can check the settings with:
> echo '$=w' | sendmail -bt -d0.4
> but when you run this command, your system is most likely
> already properly initialized, so it doesn't reflect the 
> situation at startup; maybe you should put this in the
> rc file and redirect the output to some logfile.