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OpenBSD/Errata/BUGTraq et al.

The whole bugtraq situation made me wonder about a few
'policy issues' in the OpenBSD project.

Maybe someone can shed some light this:

- What version(s) are supported ?
  - current (pre 2.8)
  - 2.7 (security bugfixes ?)   [srctree frozen]
  - 2.6 (to bad ?) 		[srctree frozen]
  - previous			[srctree frozen]

(maybe the status of a release {security maintenance/dead} could be 
 included in the 'plus2X.html' page ?)

If 2.7 is under 'security maintenance' could you issue a advisory
for security bugs that are present in 2.7 (same for other maintaned
releases) ?

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