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linux as backup server for openbsd

We have the main server (mail, dns, web) on an openbsd 2.6 box. I want to
make a backup of that box on a linux slackware box ( I chose linux because
i have to put on that box a dvb card which does not have drivers for
Now I have the following problems:
- converting the password file from Openbsd to linux style.
- keeping that password file updated (when I add/remove users from the bsd
box to have them disabled/removed/added on the linux box).
- keeping copies of mails on both servers ( i think that could be done
with .forward).
- keeping the named database in sync.
- a way to easily switch between the two servers.

My solutions:
- use rsync with the ssh protocol but I will have to ssh as root. And I
aslo don't know how to provide the password (safely) to rsync in a script.
- I don't have concrete ideeas on automatic switching between the 2
servers.. i think there can be done smth from the nameserver.. any hints?
- I don't like the ideea of overwriting the passwd file with rsync... so I
don't know how to deal with that.

Any ideeas wellcome!
Thanks a lot!

Negrea Mihai
email: mike_(_at_)_umft_(_dot_)_ro
phone: +4093612495

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