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Re: Install problem with 1024th cylinder

* Neil Darlow <neil_(_at_)_darlow_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk> [001008 14:35] wrote:


> I've got a couple of 3G partitions on my 10.2G drive.
> What I did was to note the CHS geometry of the drive and put those
> values into fdisk when initialising the disk e.g.:
>   fdisk -i -c cylinders -h heads -s sectors wd0
> Using this technique I was able to get beyond my old bios' limitation
> of 1024 cylinders and OpenBSD 2.7 is quite happy with the result.

Thanks, although I have to admit I just figured that out. I have to
admit I should have have read the FM a bit more carefully; I didn't
run into this before on the same laptop with a different hard drive
(same manufacturer, 10GB instead of 12 GB), but I'd guess that the OBSD
partition was below 1024 cylinders.

It still boots successfully into the other two OS's, so I'm reasonably
happy. I haven't been able to edit the disklabel properly yet, but I'm
still reading the FM...