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Re: trouble with mounting laptop cdrom

Probably because 20% of /sbin are mount variants, which makes them
hard to miss when you're new to OpenBSD, and digging about trying to
find the command to mount CDs?

After seeing that, the excellent man pages clearly explain mount_cd9660.
No mention that 'mount -t cd9660 blah' is the preferred method is given.

Looking at the mount man page, I see mention of mount -t type, but it
doesn't give any indication that this is the preferred method of mounting,

So I think it's easy to see why folks might use the mount_* variants.

--STeve Andre'

At 06:58 PM 10/5/00 -0700, Marco S Hyman wrote:
 > I cannot mount a cdrom in my laptop's cdrom.  I tried
 > using mount_9660 as mentioned in a previous post,
 > but that command is not on my present system.

Don't use mount_9660 (which is the wrong name, anyway).  Do what the
mount man page tells you to do.

        mount -t cd9660 -r /dev/cd0a /mnt

or whatever.   If you insist on calling the version of mount used
for CD roms directly you can use /sbin/mount_cd9660 -- but why?

// marc