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Re: obsd: nothing but trouble on ...

Try allocating more to swap.

On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 03:41:08AM -0400, gaw zay wrote:
> Compaq Prolinea 4/25s
> I have a stack of these laying around and I have tried obsd installs on 4
> of them. On all of them there is weirdness. obsd freezes up after a short
> time on all of them, sometimes you can still ping the machine but can't
> use the console or log in remotly or even use a simple network service
> such as finger. This happens [the freezes] when I do certain things like
> this:
> start setiathome
> pkd_add 'name of large package'
> The machine is still pingable 12 hours later but control never comes back.
> The only thing in common between all these machines is the hard drive,
> which might be the trouble, I suppose. It's a 406M HD and I don't have any
> other HDs big enough to install on. :-( (I could try a minimal install on
> a 120M drive I suppose)
> The only other mention of this line of computers on this list that I can
> find was someone mentioning they have one of these and obsd only sees
> 16M of 24M of RAM (same thing happens to me on one of the boxes)
> If anyone can tip me off on how to get more debug info short of compiling
> a new kernel since I doubt I could compile anything on there so I could
> submit more info on this it'd be appreciated. (In my mind there should be
> a kernel with verbose debugging facilities available for every port)
> thanks,
> brian 

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