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Tracking OpenBSD 2.7 Patch branch

OK, I've read the FAQs, I've read the man pages and I'm a little uncertain.

Can someone please tell me if the following will produce the result of a source tree that I can compile a 2.7 patch (or stable) kernel and full patched 2.7 userland binaries from?

1)  FTP srcsys.tar.gz and src.tar.gz from /pub/OpenBSD/2.7
2)  Extract srcsys.tar.gz and src.tar.gz to /usr/src
3)  cvs -d $CVSROOT -q up -Pd

Is that all there is to it, or do I need to specify the -rOPENBSD_2_7 tag somewhere? If I understand correctly, I would only need to do that if I was fetching the 2.7 source entirely via anoncvs. Since I already have the released 2.7 code on my system (via srcsys.tar.gz and src.tar.gz) I should just be able to use anoncvs to update my existing code to the 2.7 patch branch.

Is that correct or am I way off base? And should the commands above get me where I want to be?

Thanks in advance,

Rodney Hopkins