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"lost interrupt" message


i had one similar to this on my linux machine, which i got when the
bearings slowed the disk down (yup, nice sounds all around) --
could this be the same thing happening on the obsd box?

Oct  4 12:10:26 skunk /bsd: wd2(pciide0:1:1): lost interrupt
Oct  4 12:10:26 skunk /bsd:  type: ata
Oct  4 12:10:26 skunk /bsd:  c_bcount: 8192
Oct  4 12:10:27 skunk /bsd:  c_skip: 0
Oct  4 12:10:27 skunk /bsd: pciide0:1:1: device timeout, c_bcount=8192, c_skip0
Oct  4 12:10:27 skunk /bsd: pciide0:1:1: Bus-Master DMA error: missing interrupt, status=0x60
Oct  4 12:10:27 skunk /bsd: wd2a: device timeout writing fsbn 64 of 64-79 (wd2 bn 127; cn 0 tn 2 sn 1), retrying
Oct  4 12:10:27 skunk /bsd: wd2: soft error (corrected)

best regards,