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Re: Fw: Multi-Language Support

From: Serg N Elin <cruz_(_at_)_reclama_(_dot_)_ru>
Subject: Re: Fw: Multi-Language Support
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 10:52:41 +0400 (MSD)
> But the world still hasn't good solution for localization and all what
> we have now in not enough for it...
> After research some availible docs about i10n and i18n i decided that
> the best way for now is using UNICODE for whole system. When i finish
> research some additional documents i will try to create something like
> recommendation for i10n  where i will try to
> show independent (i hope ;) view on that problem.

Two points.  First, UNICODE is just a character set, which is a small
part of i18n.  Second, yes, you can use UNICODE for l10n or i18n, but
UNICODE is harmful for m17n because of the CJK unification.

I know using UNICODE is a better solution for users of
Latin/Greek/Cyril letters than using ISO 8859.  But you should know
that there also are civilizations outside Latin/Greek/Cyril.

		Kamo Hiroyasu
		[Kamo is the family name and Hiroyasu the given name.]