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ps.c build failed on updating the system

	Hi. Few days ago I updated my source tree. When I run make build in /usr/src it stops on building /usr/src/bin/ps/ with the following problem:

	cc -O2    -DUVM  -c /usr/src/bin/ps/fmt.c
	cc -O2    -DUVM  -c /usr/src/bin/ps/keyword.c
	cc -O2    -DUVM  -c /usr/src/bin/ps/nlist.c
	cc -O2    -DUVM  -c /usr/src/bin/ps/print.c
	cc -O2    -DUVM  -c /usr/src/bin/ps/ps.c
	/usr/src/bin/ps/ps.c: In function `main':
	/usr/src/bin/ps/ps.c:317: `KERN_PROC_KTHREAD' undeclared (first use in this function)
	/usr/src/bin/ps/ps.c:317: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
	/usr/src/bin/ps/ps.c:317: for each function it appears in.)
	*** Error code 1

	Stop in /usr/src/bin/ps.

	I grepped through the /usr/include for KERN_PROC_KTHREAD but did not find it.
	Does anyone know where that thing is defined, or what am I missing?
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