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Re: ipnat and rdr

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 01:09:50AM +0800, Shell Hung wrote:
> Problems :
> 	(1) How to map two different Web Server ? (map or rdr or ?)
> 	(2) How to satisfied DNS ? (Firewall + DNS or seperate DNS)
> 	(3) Hows the flexibility and realizable solutions ?
> Because both web server are listen on port 80, is there're any 
> solution to solve the problem ? and how can I define the rules in
> order
> to solve my problems ?


If the public interface on your firewall is assigned two public IP
addresses, you can then redirect each IP to a different internal webserver.
Perhaps you can ask your ISP to assign you an additional IP address if you
only have the one?

Otherwise, you'll have to use different ports.  Of course, you can leave
each internal web server running on port 80 internally, and port 80 of your
public address would be directed to one, and another port (8000, 8080,
etc.) would be directed to the other.


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