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Re: ipf/ipnat logging has stopped

Honestly, either /var/log/ipf or /var/log/ipflog would be nice! However,
/var/log/ipflog used to work, and no longer works, so it is probably
/var/log/ipflog that I want to fix.

[BTW -- would it have been more inline with netiquitte to keep my
original posting in this reply?]

[BTW #2:
$ ps auxww | grep ipmon
root     23730  0.0  0.3   664   456 ??  Ss    11Sep00    0:59.65 ipmon -Ds 


* Wingate, Steve [IBM NON J&J] <SWingate_(_at_)_NEUUS_(_dot_)_JNJ_(_dot_)_com> [001003 08:29]:
> Curious, are you looking for /var/log/ipf or /var/log/ipflog?