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RE: What's a good sound card?

Title: RE: What's a good sound card?

Well, make up your mind. Do you want "the best card" or do you "just want something that will work". IMO the SB Awe64 is a good 'works anywhere' card, although it's ISA. There is an SB PCI64 and PCI128 card.

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Subject: What's a good sound card?

I've been reading the HCL on www.openbsd.org/i386.html and found the cards
they mention.  Here are some questions though.  I went out and bought a
Ensoniq PCI97 card and it doesn't work.  Fine, I'll live with it... now I
don't want the same thing to happen again!
I'm interested in either of the following:
ESS Solo-1 PCI
Gravis Ultrasound

I want to stick with a PCI based card so from experiance does anyone know
which is the `best' card?  I just want somthing that will work and I'm
willing to change my mind from the two above.  If you have any info let me
know where can I get the `GOOD CARD'.  =^)


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