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rl driver problem


according to the rl(4) manpage it is possible to specify the
media options for full and half-duplex modes.
Whenever I try to set my nic to "half-duplex" with the following command:

	ifconfig rl0 mediaopt half-duplex

I get an ifconfig error:

	SIOCSIFMEDIA: Device not configured
However, if I specify "full-duplex" instead, no problems. This happens
with both media types 100baseTX and 10baseT/UTP.

I tried forcing the media option with the card's configuration utility
under dos. After rebooting OpenBSD I still get same error as before.

Any ideas what could be wrong? This is on a 2.7 CD-install with patches
up to #023 applied manually.

Is it possible to determine which media option is currently set under

Any pointers appreciated.