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Re: Slightly OT: 2.8 ETA

Pedro Timoteo wrote:

>Brian Clark wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> I have 2.6, and I was about to purchase a 2.7 CD set tonight, but I see
>> that quite a few people are getting their hands dirty with 2.8 beta(?).
>> Does anyone have a projected release date for 2.8? Should I wait? I don't
>> want to have 2.7 ship and 2.8 be not that far from being a release.
>2.8 will only be released in December, I guess. If you look at past release
>dates (see www.openbsd.org), it's always June and December. I suggest you
>buy 2.7 and then 2.8 later (as I'm doing).

Done. :-) I went ahead and grabbed 2.7 last night (Order number 2000/9/27-0:37:38-5722).

If I want to get 2.7, rather than 2.6, onto a machine tonight, is there a way to get everything I need for the install (minus src, ports and packages) on to a bootable CD-R using a Windows machine (where the CD-RW resides)?

I have a fast connection where I will be doing the install, so that isn't a problem, but I just need a recipe for the CD creation more than likely -- if it's possible writing it within windows, then have it actually /work/ for installing OpenBSD.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

I suppose I could do an FTP install, but I'd rather do a CD install.

>As someone else suggested, a subscription service like FreeBSD would be
>nice. Is it really available in Europe?


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