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RE: pppoe woes

When you specify the -debug option use info instead.  

pppoe -if ne4 -name pppoe -debug info

This is the exact command that I used to connect to my ISP.


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Subject: pppoe woes

Hi all,

I finally got around to trying mouse-pppoe, with the patch mentioned on
the list.

Somebody said it got i going for them right away.

I followed the intructions, for doing the patch and the compile. 

I filled out the files as suggested by the documentation.

then ran pppoe -if ne4 -name pppoe -debug debug -pppdebug

and all i got was it writing a lot of PADI packets to my dsl modem.

The modem kept sending packets from the lan and nothing happened.

I'm running openbsd-current

What more info would help, in helping me sort this out ?


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