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dd and the never-ending cd..

Everytime I try making a cd image from a cd using dd I always end up
reading way too much.  For some strange reason I cannot just use dd
if=/dev/cd0a of=myisocopy.iso and let it do the job.  Every time i try
this all I end up with is very large files which are non iso's. (eg. I
recent iso copy of my backup cd (700mb) gave me an iso file that was over
2 gigs and still counting when I killed it.  This happens on both my SCSI
CD-R's (Sony926S 2x8 and Panasonic 8x24) though if I use the same cd on a
linux or windows box the iso comes out fine (using dd on both platforms of
Any ideas or suggestions?

Sean Cody (seanc_(_at_)_pangea_(_dot_)_ca)
"No matter where you are, everyone is always connected."
	- Serial Experiments: Lain