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solution: semi-offtopic: help with LaserWriter Utilities

Earlier I wrote: 

> Just this last weekend I came into the ownership of several pieces
> of computer equipment including an Apple LaserWriter Select 360.
> Since I want it on my network I am going to hook it up to my OpenBSD
> server.  Unfortunatley every time the printer is turned on it prints
> a status page.
> I have found information regarding the ability to turn this feature
> off, but I cannot find 1) the needed utilities to run on a Mac (not
> the optimal solution since I will have to borrow a Mac every time I
> want to change the settings) or 2) some method to manipulate the
> printer with either UNIX or, less desirable but still useable,
> Windows.
> If anyone has any experince using such a beast on OBSD any
> information will be appreciated.

To which Laurence Moore replied off-list:

> Not up with the LaserWriter printers however I have a Ricoh PC-6000
> which also prints off a status page.
> Assuming you have either serial or parallel I/F to printer you could
> probably setup an entry in /etc/remote and then use tip to attach to
> the device directly. If you know what the commands are you need to
> send to the printer then you can bang away on the keyboard. Of
> course if you were to create a file which contains the commands you
> caould then cat that down to the printer.
> When I did it with my Ricoh I used all of the above methods, but
> that was with Solaris.
> Hope this helps,

With that pointer to sending commands to the printer via the interface
I did some digging and found the following PostScript commands that
can be sent to the printer to turn off the start page:

serverdict begin 0 exitserver
statusdict begin
false setdostartpage

This information is on the the apple devworld site at:

Thanks to Laurence for the lead and to the others that replyed.  I
hope this can benifit others in the future.


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