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mrtg, snmp problem

I'm trying to monitor traffic on a network interface (ep0) on an i386
OpenBSD-2.7 system using mrtg.  The ucd-snmp port was marked as
broken, so I grabbed the ucd-snmp-4.1.2 tarball and compiled and
installed it.  I installed mrtg from the ports.  snmpd runs ok in the
background and I can do snmpwalks ok.  But when I run mrtg's cfgmaker
I get a configuration file that contains this language regarding the
ep0 interface:

"This Interface not configured:"
"-has an unrealistic speed setting"
"It is commented out for this reason."

The config. file reports:
" #MaxBytes[obsd.3]: 0"
" #Title[obsd.3]: obsd () ep0"

I tried a different network card (ne0) and got the same results.

I'm thinking maybe this is relevant: The config.log file generated by
running ./configure prior to compiling ucd-snmp contains these

"checking for ifnet.if_speed"
"structure has no member named 'if_speed'"

Has anyone else had this difficulty?  Any ideas on how to work around
this problem and create a valid mrtg config. file?

Thanks very much.

Ben Bullock

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