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RE: pppoe woes

Bruce Walker modified the pppoe from NetBSD, which worked perfectly.  He
gives instructions on how to setup each .conf file and the modifications
that you need to make to the pppoe.c before you compile it.  Bruce Walker's
work saved me countless hours and several patches of hair.

Here is the url:

Also here is my ipnat.rules:
map ppp0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp 10000:20000
map ppp0 -> 0/32

I initiated nat after I established my connection with my provider.


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I am trying to get my OpenBSD 2.7 firewall box to properly use NAT with
my adsl connections.  I have read through the archives and found the
following instructions on how to setup the ppp.conf file.  I have been
able to get that to work.  However for some reason, I can't web out from
a machine hooked to my internal network.  I was able to check email,
ftp, read newsgroups et al, but no web.  My ipf rules are wide open.  I
am wondering if someone has a solution to my problem of getting my box
to properly act as a internet gateway/ firewall.


Brian Willan

PPPoE instructions:

download www.thought.net/jason/pppoe/pppoe.tar.gz

add the follow lines to /etc/ppp/ppp.conf :


set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
nat enable yes
nat same_ports yes
nat use_sockets yes
set redial 15 28800
set reconnect 15 28800
disable acfcomp
deny acfcomp
disable protocomp
set mru 1492
set mtu 1492
set speed sync
enable lqr
set lqrperiod 5
set cd 5
set dial
set login
set timeout 0
set authname xxx
set authkey xxx
set ifaddr
add default HISADDR
enable dns

Then, ifconfig <interface> -arp

after run pppoe -i <interface> & and boom, it assigns
tun0 an ip address.