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Re: sparc install problem

  OK, so I got an update to my problem. So after going
though about 10 more floppies and re-downloading
floppy27.fs about 10 times now I get one of these 2

Boot device: /fd. File and args: bsd
bootxx: short read
Program Terminated


Boot device: /fd. File and args: bsd
>>OpenBSDBoot 2.1
Booting bsd_(_at_)_0x4000
10403841+2356592boot: short read
Program Terminated
Type HELP for more information


The first one is less common, and the second one is
basically what I keep getting now.

Now I have done everything the INSTALL.sparc file
tells me to do. I have switched the FTP client to
binary mode, and done both setenv commands, I still
can not get this thing to boot. I have also tried the
2.6 floppy26.fs. My ROM version is 2.4.1. This machine
has a copy of Solaris on it now (so it does work) and
once had a copy of Red Hat Linux.

Am I missing some missing link or something, does the
machine I am writing the image on have a bad floppy,
does the SPARCstation have a bad floppy? 


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