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sparc install problem


   I am trying to install OpenBSD 2.7 on a
SPARCstation 2 and am having some problems. I
downloaded the floppy27.fs file and wrote the image to
a disk (in Windows2000 with ntrw). Now when I try and
boot the floppy I get this

OK boot floppy bsd
Boot device:/fd File and args: bsd
Can't read disk label.
Can't open sundisk label package.
Can't open boot device

So, I though, ok, it must be the floppy that is bad,
so I did this:

OK test floppy

and it came out ok. I even tried to re-create the boot
disk 3 times, on 2 different disks. None worked, all
gave the same error. Now I know that you can make boot
disks in Windows and take them to a SPARC and boot
them, beacuse I have installed Red Hat Linux before by
booting off of floppy. Do I have to make the boot disk
on a SPARC for it to boot on a SPARC for OpenBSD?

I don't have a CD-ROM drive with this computer, so
this is the only way to install OpenBSD, please help.

Oh, ya and just incase I forgot, this machine is a Sun
SPARCstation 2 w/64MB RAM, and 2x500 MB SCSI drives
(ID 0 and ID 3), CG6 for video and AUI ethernet. 


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