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Serial Problems on I386

Beyond picking the right serial port device what needs to be done to get
serial to work properly. I've got a laptop I use for a serial console and
1 in 4 times it doesn't lock up trying to talk to the serial port. using
any of 'cu' , 'kermit' , 'gnokii' , or 'minicom' i can sometimes get the
device on the other end to answer. This system has "pccom0 at isa0 port
0x3f8 irq 4" which means that i use /dev/cua00 for dialout. So it works
sometimes, but not all the time. It looks like characters aren't being
transmitted. The same serial port works reliably under "other OSes", so
I'm suspecting operator error... can anyone suggest where i should check?
fstat does't think that anyone else has the serial port open, and i do
have rw permissions on the device. help?

(yes, I did read FAQ 8.13, which is why i know to use /dev/cua00)


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