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Re: problems with AdvanSys and OpenBSD 2.7

Just as a follow-up note.  I did do a hand upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7
following all the information that I found in the faq on doing this, got
it to go just fine.  Upon rebooting (after replacing the bootsector,
etc.), the kernel comes up, everything is fine.  And than I start
getting the exact same problems I had with 2.7 installing.  Which is
"sd0(adw0:0:0): timed out" errors.  So I am going to attempt to install 2.8
snapshot now because I'm really curious when this broke, and what broke.
The controller works beautiful in 2.6 and on FreeBSD 4.1.


* Greg Rumple (grumple_(_at_)_zaphon_(_dot_)_llamas_(_dot_)_net) [000921 14:27]:
> I am in the process of migrating various firewalls off of FreeBSD onto
> OpenBSD, and ran into some supported hardware differences.  So to
> overcome that, I went out and bought new scsi controllers for these
> systems (bought two as a test really), that were supposedly supported
> under OpenBSD.  I bought two AdvanSys ASB3940UW (or something like that)
> controllers, since the only Adaptec controllers I can get now are the
> 29160's and 39160's (way overkill for the UW drives in the systems).
> I installed one of these, booted up my openbsd 2.7 cd, and started the
> install.  And that's where I ran into a big problem.  It appears I can't
> install 2.7 onto a box with this level of AdvanSys controller (I
> searched through archives and found someone else who said this as well,
> but he never got a public response that I can tell).  2.6 does install
> though, and I didn't test it, but 2.8 snapshot probably does as well
> (but I don't wanna run 2.8-beta on a production level firewall).  I am
> in the process of doing the via CVS update from 2.6 to 2.7 patch branch,
> to see if that works.  Hopefully it does, but this isn't gonna work well
> for 10+ boxes.
> So is this truly a known bug?  Is there a work around?  Is there a way I
> can avoid the hassle of installing 2.6, and than hand upgrading to 2.7
> (without dis-assembling boxes and doing scsi pack copies)?
> Thanks in advance,
> Greg
> -- 
> Greg Rumple
> grumple_(_at_)_zaphon_(_dot_)_llamas_(_dot_)_net

Greg Rumple