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NAT ports allocation

Is there any way to let ipnat to multiple ports with either rdr or ftp
proxy? The way I have it set up now my ipnat.rules file is getting a bit
to big to handle well. an extract:
rdr ne3 ne3/32 port 4800 -> port 4800
rdr ne3 ne3/32 port 4801 -> port 4801
rdr ne3 ne3/32 port 4802 -> port 4802
map ne3 -> ne3/32 proxy port 21 ftp/tcp
map ne3 -> ne3/32 proxy port 121 ftp/tcp
map ne3 -> ne3/32 proxy port 999 ftp/tcp
Those rdr rules are to get irc dcc sends going for one client, the ftp
proxies are for many non standard ftpds. Now, is there a way to define,
say, all ports from 4800 to 4900 to other then typing a
rule for each port. Same for the ftp proxies. And what kind of overhead
would this place on the box, it's a P100 w/ 64ram and 2 cheap realtek
based nics. It isn't doing much save routing the cable modem, to 2 or 3
machines on the internal network.
Thanks for your time.