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Wierd ssh problem (resend /w clarification)

I sent a similar query last weekend, but I figured I'd ask again now
that I got more info.

I'm running -current (however with a 2.7-release kernel, since the
-current kernel is paniccing with dual 905b's), however ssh is not
working from normal user account (but from root just fine)

Curious, I put some debug code into usr.bin/ssh/rsa.c, and I get:
wintermute:~$ ssh jeffb_(_at_)_nac
error:24064064::lib(36) :func(100) :reason(100),(null),(null),(null)
ssh: no RSA support in libssl and libcrypto.  See ssl(8).
Disabling protocol version 1
wintermute:~$ ls -ald `which ssh`
-r-sr-xr-x  2 root  bin  205405 Sep 20 14:35 /usr/bin/ssh
wintermute:~$ uname -a
OpenBSD wintermute.cepheid.org 2.7 GENERIC#25 i386

(damn ERR_load_strings() just isn't loading the damn strings)

I looked through some header files, and the reason for the failure is
apparently RSA_F_MEMORY_LOCK (gotten from /usr/include/openssl/rsa.h)

I know gnupg used to have memory lock problems when dealing with keys,
however I can't understand why ssh (since its suid root anyway) can't
lock the appropriate memory.

Any ideas? I'll try to send a bugrep with the 905B problem soon, maybe
late this evening (just need to be there to write down the panic)


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