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Re: Permissions errors

try (as root, obviously):
chmod 755 /var/mail

This will probably fix the mail problem, I think, but I don't know about the /bin/sh problem.  Also, you could check root's mail, it has a list of daily insecurities, and try to reverse what happened there.


At 04:42 PM 9/19/00 -0700, Wokness wrote:
>  I was messing around with permissions. And I got
>into a little problem this:
>ironhide# chmod u=rw /var/mail
>ironhide# cd /var/mail
>ironhide# ls
>charn   root    wokness
>ironhide# su charn
>sh: Cannot determine current working directory
>$ ls
>ls: .: Permission denied
>$ cd /var/mail
>sh: cd: /var/mail - Permission denied
>$ exit
>I was trying to change the permissions so that the
>user charn could write to /var/mail/, while I was
>doing it, I seem to have messed up all the
>premissions. Beacuse now the user can not do anything.
>So I removed the user and added him again (rmuser and
>adduser), now I get this:
>ironhide# su charn
>su: /bin/sh: Permission denied
>All I was trying to do is give users premission to
>access the /var/mail/ file so they could check/recive
>there mail, but I ended up denying everyone except
>root. Is there anyway to set the setting to the way
>they were before (what I mean is they way they were at
>a fresh install) without re-installing? /bin/sh
>problem is the same for any user I add.
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