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Newbie needs Windows SSH Client Recommendation + (Off-T)Terminal Emulations Questions:

Can someone recommend an inexpensive Windows 2000 compatible SSH Client? I've only started using TeraTerm Pro 2.3 + the SSH addon, but I was wondering if someone knew of something they thought was better...

(Off-Topic)Does anyone know of a low-Cost or freeware "Adds/Viewpoint A2" terminal emulation software for Windows?

Also, Right now I am building ipf/ipnat ruleset for a router, and currently telnet to the OpenBSD box via a vt100 terminal (NetTerm/TeraTerm under Windows). Why is it, every time I 'su' to root, that when I type a mistake on the command line (and I type alot of mistakes) my backspace key adds a "^H" right after the last character instead of backing over and erasing the last character typed? When I am not "su", the backspace key on the command line works per normal - ie: backs up the cursor and erases the last character typed. Is there a way to correct this under telnet?


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