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Re: What is a color xterm called?

On 19, sep, 2000 at 10:19:28 +0200, Peter Strömberg wrote:
> Den 18 Sep 2000, klockan 14:07
> skrev Morten Liebach om (What is a color xterm called?):
> >... 
> >  I've read man xterm, and found out I should just put the line:
> > 
> > 	XTerm.VT100*termName:          some-name-of-a-color-xterm
> > ...
> Use XTerm.termName instead.

Peter, you da man!!!

I'd never thought of the VT100 being redundant here, but it works, and
it's logical that it should work, so for the benefit of others, here my
XTerm part of my ~/.Xdefaults:

! Customizing XTerm:

XTerm.VT100*background:         black
XTerm.VT100*foreground:         white
! XTerm.VT100*font:             -ttf-monospac821
XTerm.VT100*cursorColor:        magenta
XTerm.VT100*scrollBar:          false
XTerm.VT100*highlightColor:     blue
XTerm.VT100*boldColors:         true
XTerm.VT100*colorMode:          true
XTerm.VT100*colorBDMode:        true
XTerm.VT100*colorULMode:        true
XTerm.VT100*colorBLMode:        true
XTerm.VT100*colorBD:            cyan
XTerm.VT100*colorUL:            white
XTerm.VT100*colorBL:            cyan
XTerm.VT100*geometry:           80x25
XTerm.termName:                 xterm-color

I hope my stupidity can help others, thanks!


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