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Mailing list options?

I know this is not related to OpenBSD, but it is related
to this list!  I'm on a few other lists and I've noticed some
features that they have that I'd like to propose to the maintainer
of the OpenBSD lists.

1.  Adding the list name to the subject (i.e. "[OpenBSD - misc]").
  When I'm accessing my email before it gets filtered (i.e. pine
and it gets filtered at my home email), it's really nice to be able
to look through the emails and quickly see if the email was sent
directly to me or through a list.

2.  Reply-to address.  Another nicety is when I click "reply", my 
reply goes to the list instead of to the sender.  This helps
notify other users that someone has either correctly or incorrectly
responded to the senders question.  Also, this gets archived so
the next time this problem occurs, the solution is quickly available.

3.  Don't send messages that I've sent to the list, to myself.  This
is one that really bugs me.  I hate posting to a list and receiving
it myself.  But, other people may like it.  This would be a preferrence
that would be set by the user.

4.  Another feature that I've seen recently, are message-digests.  This
would be a preferrence that the user would set as to whether or not they
want to receive a daily summary of the emails all in one email, or each
email as it comes through.

I don't know a lot about Majordomo, but I do know that all of these options
(plus web-based administration, etc.) are available with Mailman
(http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/mailman.html).  If others are
interested in looking into some of these options, I'd be more than happy
to help set this up.

What does everyone think about this?

PC Drew

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